Utility Superintendent

Superintendent: John Harbaugh

        Description of Duties: To supervise the utility departments operation and to work closely with State and Federal agencies to ensure the effective operation of the utility systems.

E. jharbaugh@whitehallcitygov.com

P. 217-374-6611


Street and Alleys

Superintendent: Casey Gillis

    Laborer: Brad Sprong

    Description of Duties: The Street and Alleys Department is in charge of street and alley maintenance.  It is also the departments responsibility to maintain the sewer line system within the city.


Water Plant

Superintendent: Steve McCarthy

    Operators: Deric Lakin, Glen Hill, Tony Daniels


    Description of Duties: The water plant is charged with the duty of supplying the city with fresh and safe drinking water.  The water that the water plant receives comes from a multi-million dollar well system located in the Illinois River bottoms.  This water is pumped to the water plant and then after it is determined to be safe, it is pumped to the water tower, where it is introduced into the water distribution system.

E. smccarthy@whitehallcitygov.com

P. 217-374-235


Wastewater Treatment 

Superintendent: Ryan Cox


Description of Duties:  The waste water treatment plant is in charge of treating the sewage that comes into the plant from the city’s sewer system.  Once the waste water is treated and made safe it is discharged from the plant into seminary creek.

E. rford@whitehallcitygov.com

P. 217-374-2924


City Hall

City Collector: Mona McMillen

    Billing Clerk: Cade Reno


Description of Duties: It is the billing clerk’s duty to send out monthly bills to the customers for their use of city utilities.  The city collector is in charge of collecting the utility bills of the city and depositing the collections of the city into the city’s various bank accounts.


Gas and Water

Superintendent: Paul VanMeter

    Laborer: Tyler Carriger

    Meter Reader: Regina and Brad Ward

   Description of Duties: The Gas and Water Department is in charge of the gas and water distribution system for the city.  They are also responsible for reading each customers meters so that they can be billed accordingly.