The White Hall Police Department is a service-oriented organization.  It provides 24-hour police protection and services to the White Hall community.  5 full-time officers, 6 part-time officers, 3 full-time dispatchers and 6 part-time dispatchers currently staff the department. 


Police Officers

  • Chief Luke W. Coultas

  • Asst. Chief Eddie E Ford

  • Officer Daniel N. McPherson

  • Officer Nicholas D. Carter

  • Officer Jared Buchanan

Part-time Police Officers

  • Officer Joshua D. Burton

  • Officer David A. McCollom

  • Officer Andrew J. McAdams

  • Officer Kerry A. Page

  • Officer Brandon Malin

  • Officer Shane D. Carter

  • Jesse L. Faul

  • David A. Meldrum

Full Time Dispatchers

  • Chelsey Harbaugh

  • Todd Staats


Part Time Dispatchers

  • Jacob Breece

  • Marissa R Speaker

  • Crystal Kleidon

  • Justin Greaves

  • Lance Holmes

  • Kerry Page

  • Ashlee Hawk

  • Ryan McMillen

  • Chris Barfield

  • Zachary McCollom

  • Carissa Smith

  • Lucas McEvers

  • Lisa Vick

Chief of Police
 Luke W. Coultas 
Assistant Chief of Police
 Edwin Ford