The City of White Hall is governed by the Mayor and six members of the City Council.  The Mayor and City Council are elected by the voters of White Hall to four-year terms.  Also elected are City Clerk, who are also elected to serve four-year terms.  Municipal elections occur in odd numbered years.  In 2017, the Mayor, City Clerk, and three members of the City Council were elected and one appointed.  The next municipal election will occur in 2019 when three City Council seats will be up for election.  The Mayor and City Council meet on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 p.m., in the City Council Chambers to conduct the business of the City.  The City Hall is located at 116 East Sherman Street in White Hall, Illinois   62092.  The City Hall building is handicap accessible

 Brad Staats 
Phone: (217) 248-5557
 City Admin 
 Sue Reno 

 City Clerk 
 Bill Dunlap 

 City Collector/Treasurer 
 Mona McMillen 
 Billing Clerk 
 Cade Reno 

 City Attorney
 William H. Strang 


 City Attorney William H. Strang has served the Mayor and City Council for several years as City Attorney.  The City Attorney serves as legal council for the City Officials and Department Heads.  The City Attorney is in charge of representing the City legal matters and is in charge of prosecuting violations of City Ordinance.  City Attorney Strang’s office is located in Jerseyville. 

Phone (618) 498-6821

City of White Hall - 139 E. Sherman St. White Hall, IL 62092 - P. 217-374-2345 

City of White Hall - 116 E Sherman St, - White Hall, IL 62092 - Tel: 217-374-2345

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